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Wheat is a private, non profit 501(c)(3) organization that exists largely upon donations of food, money, and the time and efforts of volunteers.

Message from the Exective Director

Please read our latest newsletter (posted under the “Misc. Information” tab) to find out what’s been happening at WHEAT. Our lead off story is very important: it’s about the economic impact federal government tariffs are having on non profit feeding agencies like WHEAT. Since the tariffs have been put into place, food usually donated by food manufacturers without cost are passing along their financial losses to food banks nationally. At WHEAT we are now scrutinizing items we order from the Connecticut Food Bank to see what costs are now associated with items we need. In short, we are now spending money on a weekly basis that we never did before. This impacts the quantity and type of food we distribute to our clients.

The fact that this story was reported on by national media outlets should remind us all that whatever happens on a national level trickles down to the local level. We are not exempt from the impact of cuts in food stamps, childhood hunger prevention, adjustments to Medicare or Social Security, and certainly not poverty among our veterans due to lack of benefits, housing and jobs.

The tariffs make your donations even more valuable in helping us continue our mission of providing food to West Haven residents in need. Thank you for all of your help. May you have a prosperous and healthy new year.

Rose Majestic, Executive Director

For Those Affected by the Partial Government Shutdown

Anyone affected by the government shutdown is welcome to come to WHEAT for food. Also, many people who receive food stamps think they can’t come to WHEAT for food. They can. But food stamps will not be issued after February 1st due to the shutdown, so these folks will definitely be in need of food.

Because of the large numbers of people needing help, WHEAT, and all food banks, are doing our best to serve everyone. We don’t know how many people will ultimately need help; it depends when government services resume.

If you know of anyone in need of food, regardless of their circumstances, please urge them to contact us at 203-931-9877 or email us at wheatcharity@sbcglobal.net for more information.

Please share this information on your social media sites. We want to spread the word to as many people as possible.

Rose Majestic, Executive Director

Please visit us at www.wheatpantry.org or Facebook at WHEAT of West Haven